Vacural Technology


Die Casting Excellence

Explore the future of die casting excellence with our cutting-edge Vacural Technology. Redefining precision and efficiency, our innovative approach sets a new standard in the industry, ensuring optimal performance and unmatched quality in every casting endeavor.

Vacural Technology in Action

The patented VACURAL process has proven its advantages for long years in the production of castings with minimal gas and oxide inclusions.
  • Highly elastic structural components and chassis parts

  • Optimized quality of castings at maximum shot speeds

  • Surface-critical parts, suitable for coating

  • T5 and T6 heat treatments

Due to the minimal amount of gas inclusions in components cast using the VACURAL process, the mechanical properties of components can be influenced by heat treatment after the casting process in order to attain high degrees of stability under static and dynamic loads as well as elasticity.