Die Casting Excellence

Elevate your die casting precision with our premium tooling solutions. Our cutting-edge tools are crafted to perfection, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Tooling Details

FRECH Tooling Line Up
We support you already during the development phase of new products. Our simulation software, and – last but not least – our specialists’ expertise will give the quality of your castings a decisive edge right from the start. This will make production easier, faster and – most importantly – less costly.
Let us join your development team during the crucial phase of development so that your products benefit from our knowledge and our experience. Frech’s specialists use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology to support your process – from the initial idea all the way through to the finished product.
The quality of trial casting has a decisive effect on subsequent production. Our knowledge, our experience and – last but not least – our specialist engineers ensure that your production is perfectly aligned right from the first sample.
The link between planning and execution: Frech’s metrology and testing department provides you with all the relevant data from a single source:
  • Metrological reports

  • In-process measurements

  • Test reports on casting samples

High-precision trimming tools accurately adjusted to your production processes and production criteria. This is how quality and high performance are systematically achieved.
FRECH Tooling Preview

Computer-Aided Design of Runners and Temperature Control System: Long-Life Casting Dies made by Frech

As a partner of the die casting industry Frech has maintained its own tool engineering and manufacturing capabilities and continuously developed them further. Close cooperation between our experienced and highly knowledgeable technical experts and our clients secures optimal results. The utilisation of state-of-the-art HSC machines ensures that 3D geometries designed with Unigraphics are implemented with maximum precision.

Frech manufactures HPDC Dies as well as Moulds for Injection Moulding for Aluminum, Lead, Magnesium and Zinc Processes

  • Flow-optimized gating systems for optimal quality of castings and surface finishes

  • Minimum cycle times thanks to high-precision computerized design and testing processes for dies and temperature control systems

  • Longest service life thanks to HSC machined die surfaces.

The tooling product line by Frech focuses on die dimensions of 1,500 x 1,500 mm.

FGS – Innovative Die Technology

40% reduced foundry returns & 40% more competitive advantages

Using Frech’s patented FGS (Frech Gating System) means that you can considerably reduce your energy costs for the remelting of returns. The FGS is essentially a temperature-controlled melt distribution system which has been built into the casting die. In addition, it is linked to intelligent production process and sequence controls in the die casting machine.
With the FGS you simultaneously benefit from several advantages: It improves the economy of your operations and also quality, by reducing air inclusions and ensuring precisely controlled melt distribution. Thanks to the FGS, the molten metal does not experience any significant cooling or turbulence on its passage into the die cavity.

Your potential savings:

  • Reduction of foundry returns by at least 40%

  • Reduction of energy costs due to remelting

  • Reduction cycle time

  • Reduction process-related costs

  • Improved quality

  • Can be used on standard machine models of the F-series