Die Casting Excellence

Unleash the power of precision with our engineering expertise in the die casting world. From design to implementation, our seasoned engineers drive innovation, ensuring optimal performance and setting the standard for excellence in the dynamic realm of die casting.

Productivity through planning

Planning and modernization from one source: Competent, future-minded, economical and environmentally friendly; Frech Engineering see your problems as their challenge to find the right solution to meet your requirements.
As a worldwide die casting machine manufacturer, Frech is well aware of the specific requirements of the die casting industry. We have the necessary know-how and skills and we would be pleased to assist you with the planning and installation of die casting cells, production lines of even complete die casting plants.
We can advise you in all manner of production techniques, for example:
  • Selection of the required equipment

  • Optimization of material flow

  • Energy and utility supplies

  • Modern, ergonomic workstations

  • Planning and control of production and production data

  • Environmental issues