Die Casting Excellence

Unleash the power of precision with our K-Series cold chamber die casting machines. Engineered for superior performance and durability, our technology represents the pinnacle of excellence, setting new standards in the world of cold chamber die casting.


Frech provides cold-chamber die casting machines with locking forces from 1,300 kN to 44,000 kN for the production of a wide range of castings, from small OEM parts to engine blocks or gearbox housings, as well as chassis and body components made of aluminum and magnesium alloys.
Precision Performance: The FRECH K-Series Cold Chamber die casting machines are known for their precision engineering, delivering consistent and accurate casting dimensions for high-quality parts.

Versatile Material Handling: Designed to handle a diverse range of alloys, the K-Series machines offer versatility in material choices, making them adaptable to various industrial applications.

Enhanced Cooling Efficiency: Advanced cooling control in the cold chamber process ensures efficient heat dissipation, contributing to the production of dimensionally stable and high-integrity castings.

The Advantages

K-series cold-chamber machines are available with locking forces from 2,500 kN to 16,000 kN.

+ Higher productivity thanks to shorter cycle times

+ Optimized quality of castings at maximum shot speeds

+ High degree of retrofitting flexibility thanks to modular design

+ Differently sized shot ends and closing units can be combined to meet specific process requirements

+ Possibility of using larger dies thanks to larger clamping plate sizes, available as an option

+ Service-friendly thanks to good accessibility and remote capabilities

+ Long service life due to rugged machine design

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