Machine remanufacturing based on your individual request

Whatever amount of money you would like to invest in your machine is obviously up to you. Whether repair, partial or complete overhaul – Frech offers you a broad variety of solutions that can be easily adapted to your individual requirements in terms of budget, feasibility and expected production life.

Our scope of services is based mainly on three areas which, when combined together, result in a complete machine refurbishment:

Would you benefit from improved security in terms of production and quality?

In detail we would suggest the following scope of supply:

  • New control system Datalogic based on industrial PC with 6,3″ TFT color display

  • New operator panel

  • Modern day guarding based on CE-requirements (inc. pneumatic/motorized front door)

  • New electric cables

  • New limit switches

  • Retrofit of the function “slow die close”

  • Retrofit of the function “electro-hydraulic tear-off”

  • Machine equipped for water-glycol

  • Cleaning of machine and hydraulic tank

  • Painting in the original machine color

  • Test run with protocol

  • CE-certificate of conformity

  • New machine manual

A locking unit overhaul results in reliable production quality due to the high level of process stability achieved by precise geometries. A completely refurbished locking unit is a guarantee for secure, reliable and efficient closing of the die.

In detail we would suggest the following steps as part of the locking unit overhaul:

  • New tie bars

  • New steel bushes and new link pins in the toggle system

  • New brass bushes in the platens

  • New guide bars in the cross head and the ejector system

  • New seals and bushes in the closing cylinder

  • New ejector cylinder

  • New seals and bushes in the ejector cylinder

  • New seals for the throttle valves

  • Overhaul of the fixed and the movable platen, tear-off plate, die height frame and fixing elements

  • New insert plate in the fixed platen

  • Overhaul of all borings to fix the new bushes

  • Re-assembly of the locking unit

  • Check and repair of the lubrication system

  • Adjustment and painting of the locking unit in standard or special colors

  • New ‘Resitex’ slide pieces for the first shot position

Could you benefit from higher machine efficiency and performance? We can ensure that the machine works to its highest performance level – with low energy consumption and minimal wear and tear.

We would suggest the following scope of services:

  • New valves

  • New pump

  • New oil cooler

  • New hydraulic filters

  • New seals and packing in the hydraulic cylinders

  • Surface grinding and repair of the hydraulic manifolds

  • New nitrogen seals in the accumulators and test certificates where required

  • Opening of the cooling channels in the traverse