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Revolutionize your die casting operations with our cutting-edge automation solutions. From enhanced efficiency to precision control, discover the future of seamless manufacturing in the dynamic world of die casting.

Meltec AVD

The Aluminum vacuum dosing unit fits  to each melting and holding furnace. It allows a save filling of container by sucking in melt and a precise filling of the Aluminum melt into the shot sleeve of the cold chamber die casting machine.
The dosing system consists mainly of a vacuum ceramic container, an evacuation device to draw in melt as well as a special closing mechanism at the suction point. The vacuum container is made of ceramic with the benefit of: non-wettable, thermal shock resistant and strong. The mechanical movement occurs via a servo-controlled lifting or pivoting device.


The online-production control system Datafrech has been specially developed for the order and production planning in die casting Shops:
Improved, flexible production planning through:
  • Real visualizationsation of all relevant operational data

  • Reliable transparency due to data recording in real-time

  • Complete data recording with access to all levels of the process

The documentation and the statistical evaluation possibilities of production parameters ensure higher planning safety for a reliable economic calculation.

Conveyor Belts

The Conveyor Belts of robust, temperature resistant construction with stainless steel belts as standard are available in various designs to further automate your production process. Depending upon your particular application, we can also fit an air-cooled tunnel or a water quenching tank to the conveyor.
We can offer you the right solution for your needs:
  • Straight conveyors

  • Angled or ‘S’ type conveyors

  • With or without cooling/quenching

  • Various sizes are available

Frech conveyor belts - keeping your production moving!

Removal Unit Gripmat 1+2

Die protection requires the highest precision; productivity in die casting requires fast, reliable production. With a stable and robust design, The Gripmat models 1 + 2 are suitable for both hot and cold chamber die casting machines and guarantee you precise movements with a secure, positive gripping action.

Gripmat 1 for machines from 100 – 400 kN locking-force

Gripmat 2 for machines from 400 – 800 kN locking-force

  • Easy setting

  • Fast, precise gripping and checking of the shot

  • 3 optional movement sequences

  • Electrically driven

  • Pneumatic gripping

  • Robust construction

Weight sensing device Weight control 2000

This microprocessor-controlled weight sensing device guarantees die-protection and quality control for casting weights up to max. 2000 gr. Within user-inputted tolerances, it secures a reliable weight comparison and communicates it to the die casting machine.

  • DMS-weight sensing-cell

  • Temperature positional compensation

  • Operator input

  • LED-Display

  • Weight-Display in grams

  • Wait function after weighing

  • Automatic zeroing


Shorter cycle-times require fast spraying-systems; complicated dies require specific solutions. With available strokes of 400 to 1000 mm, Spraymotion 1 is suitable for die casting machines up to 5000 kN locking-force.
Spraymotion 1: 411E, 611E, 811E, 1011E
Alternatively we can also offer you a simple, pneumatic spraying system as a basic solution.
The recently developed 2-axes, motorized die spraying system Spraymotion 2 meets the continuously increasing demands for positional accuracy and fast operating dynamics within cold chamber die casting machines: