DAK 2300-275L

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Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with our cutting-edge technology, designed to deliver unparalleled precision and reliability for optimal production outcomes.

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+ DATADIALOG RC Machine Control including all functions of DATADIALOG with additional real-time controlled injection system MULTIPRESS RC
+ Allows 12 velocities and 10 pressure profiles
+ Fully automatic tie bar retraction, both upper tie bars
+ LOCKSTAT2 Automatic central die height adjustment with locking force measurement by 4 tie bar pressure sensors and simultaneous adjustment of all 4 tie bars
+ Ejector pressure graphics, statistical process control, and plunger movement optimization
+ Virtual Die Cast Machine allows for adjustment of machine and die parameters independent of the operation/running production of the machine


Take a look at the advantages of the machine in the die casting world.
+ Higher Productivity Thanks To Shorter Cycle Times
+ Optimized Quality Of Castings At Maximum Shot Speeds
+ High Degree Of Retrofitting Flexibility Thanks To Modular Design
+ Possibility Of Using Larger Dies Thanks To Larger Clamping Plate Sizes, Available As An Option
+ Service-Friendly Thanks To Good Accessibility And Remote Capabilities
+ Long Service Life Due To Rugged Machine Design


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DAK 2300-275L


Rebuilt - New Controls


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