Shorter cycle-times require fast spraying-systems; complicated dies require specific solutions. With available strokes of 400 to 1000 mm, Spraymotion 1 is suitable for die casting machines up to 5000 kN locking-force.

Spraymotion 1: 411E, 611E, 811E, 1011E

Alternatively we can also offer you a simple, pneumatic spraying system as a basic solution.

The recently developed 2-axes, motorized die spraying system Spraymotion 2 meets the continuously increasing demands for positional accuracy and fast operating dynamics within cold chamber die casting machines:

Our motorized spraying systems Spraymotion 1+2 and the continuous development of various spraying tools are fulfilling all requirements for the most sophisticated die spraying technology:

  • Highly accurate positioning and reproducibility

  • High dynamics and high velocity driving speeds

  • Powerful spraying tools for the most complicated geometries

  • Optimized liquid preparation and feeding

  • Strokes from 800 to 1800 mm for die casting machines up to 20.000 kN

  • Similar Linear units for horizontal and vertical axis

  • Both axes driven by highly dynamic servomotors

  • Freely programmable for movement and timing