Die protection requires the highest precision; productivity in die casting requires fast, reliable production. With a stable and robust design, The Gripmat models 1 + 2 are suitable for both hot and cold chamber die casting machines and guarantee you precise movements with a secure, positive gripping action.

Gripmat 1 for machines from 100 – 400 kN locking-force

Gripmat 2 for machines from 400 – 800 kN locking-force

  • Easy setting

  • Fast, precise gripping and checking of the shot

  • 3 optional movement sequences

  • Electrically driven

  • Pneumatic gripping

  • Robust construction

Weight sensing device Weight control 2000

This microprocessor-controlled weight sensing device guarantees die-protection and quality control for casting weights up to max. 2000 gr. Within user-inputted tolerances, it secures a reliable weight comparison and communicates it to the die casting machine.

  • DMS-weight sensing-cell

  • Temperature positional compensation

  • Operator input

  • LED-Display

  • Weight-Display in grams

  • Wait function after weighing

  • Automatic zeroing